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On Thursday June 23rd the British public voted to leave the European Union


9th March 2018 and still no actual signed agreements in place


At this point in time there is no clear indication as to the future of the United Kingdom and how it will alternately inter-react again with the European Union


At stake in leaving the European Union is Freedom of movement of people and freedom of movement of goods.

Leaving the European Union may render your current British VAT id useless

European Grants to British Businesses and other institutions may well cease

Some of your staff, if they are European may well end up leaving due to replacement terms not being agreed


Of course we do not know what will happen - but we can help you prepare to take your business forward


With all this going on you may well start to feel concerned and worried what to do next - well why not contact us see what we have to offer you


What ever we create for you - you remain in control all the time.


We will discuss with you how to expand your business in2poland without actually being in Poland,

of course you may like what you hear and create a satellite office and take advantage of lower commercial rents and staffing costs.


Field of our expertise


Communication and IT





Zus (National Insurance)


Medical cover

Commercial renting

Residential staff renting


In fact an all in one ongoing package to get you up and running.

Interested, then please contact us

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